What is the definition of blogging? (I really hated the word at first, but it seems entrenched so I’ve made my peace with it)
– Me Saturday April 27th 2002 from this email response to Hal Fulton

I’ve toyed with blogging since translating @rael’s Blosxom from Perl to Ruby 2002. The email announcement of Cherry Blosxom tells all except where to actually download the code, it’s hiding in the Wayback machine if you really need it. In spite of being somewhat enmeshed in that early post-millenial blogging tool rush, I don’t blog all that much. My propensity towards run-on sentences and convoluted (often parenthetical) logic doesn’t make for easy reading anyway.

My old blog (at nutation.net) has some stuff on the wayback machine as well, but maintaining it was not my cup of tea. So now with this short domain name and Let’s Encrypt certificate why not start anew? The blogs of Dan Luu and Julia Evans and many others have proven that old school hand crafted blogging is still useful, so with their inspiration I’ll see what I can crank out.

I currently work as a Data Scientist at Endgame on an amazing team and occassionally write things there as well.

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